Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School at GBC-Richlands serves a broad range of ages and needs. Serving the needs of a diverse congregation is a challenge that we meet through a variety of classes and departments. At each age level, opportunities for Bible study, theological exploration, and spiritual growth are offered. Individuals are invited to explore the intersection between faith and everyday life. Each class is designed to provide age-appropriate, meaningful and challenging study, good fellowship, ministry opportunities and church involvement.

Children in our nursery are given loving care and attention so that their earliest experiences and memories of church are positive, safe and happy. Preschoolers are taught Bible stories and introduced to ideas about God, themselves, the world around them and relationships with each other using developmentally appropriate methods. Youth and children are taught Bible skills so that they can better apply biblical principles to their daily lives.

Adults are challenged to explore all kinds of life issues in light of Scripture and to begin to think for themselves about God and faith. Teachers provide a variety of challenging study opportunities and topics designed to address the real life and faith in today’s difficult world.

*Your children are always welcome GBC. Please note that these programs are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Contact the church office or for additional information regarding our Sunday School ministry.